Dedicated Care and Support for Disabled Children, Young People and their Families
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Volunteer of the Year …. and the winner is…


Jane Booth Volunteer (in Di Go)
Jane’s voluntary role has been a lifeline for her and she is going from strength to strength. It has been wonderful to watch Jane grow in confidence and self- esteem and for her to go on and begin to believe in herself. Jane is a valued member of the In Di Go team.

Enabling Ability Award


And the winner is…  
Diane Marie Price Founder Director   In Di Go

In Di Go’s vision is a society where all children and young people with a disability are able to realise their goals and aspirations, with a right to community inclusive activities and services which supports them and their families. The In Di Go team are dedicated and caring, and work together to produce the best possible outcomes for our disabled children, young people and their families. It is about working together, it takes a bit from everyone to make it work.

 As Founder /Director I have undertaken the role of Service Manager on a voluntary basis, I work from home and take minimum expenses from the company.  I am passionate about making a difference to the lives of disabled children young people and their families. (Diane Marie Price, MBE)

We can be reached at:

Tel:  01254 209708 / 07505 353508    

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(Both the website, and a Facebook page, are Constantly Updated and managed by In Di Go parents and volunteers)

Need for company services 2012 – 2015

My own personal experience of having an 18yr old son with ASD and ADH has given me valuable experience of the range of problems faced by disabled children young people and their families including siblings.

I have 12 years voluntary experience working with BWD Social Services disabled children’s team, and have done voluntary work for over 2 years with BWD Carers Service.  The voluntary work has given me a greater understanding of the needs of families with children who have disabilities.

I was employed by KIDS, a national charity, between January 2010 and April 2012. I was employed as North West Region Service Manager, working from a baseline position to build a project targeting families with disabled children. I took time to listen and hear what it was the 34 families with disabled children wanted, carried out reviews and consulted with families in depth. 

The 2010 Index of Multiple Deprivation ranks the BWD as the 17th most deprived authority in England (on the rank of average score). With a third of residents living in areas classified as being in the most 10% deprived in England. With  high levels of unemployment, poor housing, poor health and high levels of child deprivation and poverty

There are multicultural needs in BWD which may mean language, cultural and understanding difficulties

Substantial on going government cuts are putting more and more pressure on the 3rd sector and charities

In 2012 when we started up, we focused on the following.

  • The pressures on a family with a disabled child/young person.
  • Recognising that siblings are often in the background as the disabled child has many needs. The strong level of need to raise self- esteem and confidence of disabled children /young people and their parent /carers.
  • Parent / carers re charging their batteries, to have some “me time” a quality break away from their caring role.
  • Respite may mean having a bath, shopping, going to hairdressers, even doing the ironing.  Or it may be spending time with siblings who are often in the background whilst parent /carers attend to the disabled child/young person.

Disabled children find it hard to form friendships which are long lasting. Having a short activity and being with friends builds confidence and self- esteem. 



Good role models are needed, which can be from In Di Go Support Workers and volunteers.

There is an absence of opportunities for disabled children in comparison to their peers; they often find it difficult to access main stream provision without the support of a Support Worker.

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