Dedicated Care and Support for Disabled Children, Young People and their Families
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In Di Go  Children Feed back:

Callum “liked the dinosaurs the best, he liked having his picture taken with them”

Chris “liked the monkeys that took his brothers crisps best he said it made him laugh lots”

Toni My faourute part of the zoo was the penguins because I love them swimming in the pool.  Also I love them because they are adorable”

William got to stroke the peacock he like that best”


Parent Feed back:

 Family enjoyed it 100%, enjoyed the group togetherness, looking out for each other.

Staff gave 100% support on the day.  Diane recruits the right staff and volunteers. 


“The trip was well planned and we were able to go in straight away without queing.  In Di Go has a warm atmosphere, weverone feels welcome. Diane Price promotes inclusion.  We have never had anything previously.  Shadsworth is one of the worst estates in Blackburn to get any groups going”


“My son enjoyed the Dinasours said they were really big.  I was happy with the staff member looking after him.  He loved the trip and was full of beans when he came home. My husband took me out for a meal whilst our son was on the trip which we do not get to do very often.”


“Seeing children happy made me feel happy”


“A really good day and staff were really helpful”

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