Dedicated Care and Support for Disabled Children, Young People and their Families
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    Update on Projects  February 2022

    COVID prevented In Di Go providing activities, support and services for around 15 months.

    There have been numerous hurdles starting up again as we had unfinished projects to complete.

    Home visits Completing DLA, PIP, Family fund, Cares Allowance.  I will no longer be providing this service


    Mill Hill Saturday Club

     Further Saturday clubs have taken place and then had a full day trip to Eureka.

    I have completed the End of Grant Report.


    Independent Living Skills Group

     This Group was halfway through.  We had a base at the YMCA.  The building is no longer available.  I have approached Awards For all regarding re-allocating the monies to a different project.

    This is ongoing.


    Care Network

    The weekly morning Wednesday Drop in Session no longer takes place.


    People Health Trust Shadsworth weekly Saturday Club 

    There have been several hurdles including room hire in re starting this group up, however the group is now up and running.

    Again as the project did not run for a lengthy period due to COVID 19 monies have had to be re-allocated.  Also decisions on how to use the underspend re calculated.  This has been a very long and complicated issue and is ongoing.


    16+ Autism Group at Mill Hill

     The group is back up and running.


    My role as Chairperson of the Autism Board

    The Board meets Bimonthly.

    An Autism Strategy has been written and 6 Implementation subgroups meet between boards. 

    My role has increased significantly. 

    I am no longer undertaking this role.

    I turned 66yrs last December and have been giving careful thought to retirement. 

    I have given 10 passionate years to In Di Go working long hours.  

    Whilst this has been a rewarding role I no longer feel able to continue to work at this pace.

    When all existing projects with children and young people come to a close I will no longer provide support and services for children and young people.  I estimate this will be end of September 2022.


    I would like to continue working with 16+ with autism for a little longer as I have identified there is a large gap.

    Diane Marie Price, MBE

    Founder Director

    In Di Go

    July 2024
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